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Welcome to Brecht

Built for the challenges that matter

Brecht AG is a Romanian company specialized in providing fully integrated DESIGN and BUILD solutions as well as costumised Construction Management services.

As a Construction and Project Management company, our expertise expands to include a wide range of projects in different fields and services.

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Brecht AG is fully focused on the quality of service provided to our customers, whilst enhancing our profile and reputation in key market sectors such as:




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Retail and Leisure

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As our main construction and design partner for our Romanian business unit, BRECHT AG has actively participated in our infrastructure development. It is just to say that BRECHT is extremely focused on providing integrated and top-quality services to its clients. We highly recommend them for their professionalism and steadfast willingness.


With BRECHT AG we started our Romanian investment programme with an emphasis on retail infrastructure. From the first contact and continuing through design, build and operating stages, BRECHT AG has established itself as our key partner for our projects. Their teams involved with our projects are fully committed to meeting our expectations and surpassing them.


Our second and largest showroom in Romania was built by BRECHT AG in record time and with impeccable finishings. We can strongly claim that BRECHT AG was one of our best collaborators in the construction sector and we commend all future collaborators of this company for choosing their services.


We would like to thank our Romanian partners, BRECHT AG, for their involvement in our major infrastructure projects of the last few years. Their design and management unit has proven to be an ongoing pillar of our construction division, and we welcome the opportunity to work with them.


BRECHT AG is our partner in designing various residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Considering that we have been successful in all our joint projects, we are happy to declare not only our admiration for them, but especially our commitment to evolve together.


In the numerous residential and retail projects we have developed together, BRECHT AG can be accurately described as the most professional and quality-oriented company we have worked with. Therefore, we always see BRECHT AG as our first choice for our future endeavors. Keep up the good work!


Although there was little chance that our water treatment plant would be built and commissioned within six months, BRECHT AG, part of a joint venture, succeeded. Their team of professional engineers not only achieved this goal, but also accelerated the project timeline and increased performance standards.


The involvement of Brecht AG company in our community development has represented a major step in our decision to take our projects to the next steps. It has been a privilege to see Brecht AG’s team helping actively the development of the most acclaimed project in Bacau City area for the last years. We believe they are very responsible partners and very dedicated to community development and education.


We have known BRECHT AG since the beginning of their initial project. Thanks to their subsequent projects, we have seen a gradual increase in their performance and quality. We expect that they will engage in ambitious projects and play an active role in the Romanian construction market.